The Hall On The Green - Booking 

The main hall and/or the meeting room) can be hired by anyone over aged over 21. Documentation relating to hire can be downloaded here (as Adobe Acrobat files) or is available direct from the Bookings Clerk. 

Adobe Acrobat is free software. It can be downloaded from the Adobe logo below if it isn't already available on your computer.                                                                             

a. Terms and Conditions of Hire

b.  Hire Agreement


Booking Procedure                                                                                           If you are not known to a member of Hawstead Community Council you will be required to produce ID and proof of address before your booking is accepted. Follow the steps below to complete the booking process.

1. Check availability of the main hall or meeting room by browsing the calendar below.

2. Read and agree to our 'Terms and Conditions of Hire'.

3. Contact our Bookings Clerk  by email at  or phone  07379-499089 to arrange a meeting and/or viewing.

The calendar below shows confirmed bookings.

 BOOKINGS  GREEN = Whole Hall, BLUE = Main Hall, RED = Meeting Room